Privacy Policy
Through this Privacy Notice (hereinafter the “Notice”), and in accordance with the provisions contained in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its Regulations and related provisions in force in Mexico (together, the “Law”), describes the terms in which the Personal Data (as defined below) will be obtained, used, disclosed or stored (hereinafter, any of said actions individually or jointly, the “Treatment”). that you (the “Holder”) by any means provide us.
Smoking Lounge by SAPI de C.V. (“SMK Lounge” or “we”, indistinctly) as Responsible, as said term is defined in the Law, who indicates as domicile for all purposes and obligations related to this Notice the one located in Capital Carlos León s/n Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Colonia Peñón de los Baños, Mayor’s Office Venustiano Carranza, C.P 15620, Mexico City, Mexico.
At SMK Lounge we are committed to protecting the privacy of the Holders; the term “Holder(s)” refers to any natural person who by any means provides SMK Lounge with one or more of their Personal Data for the purposes indicated below.
This Notice describes how we will process and protect your Personal Data.

Section 1. Purposes for which we process your personal data.
We collect a wide variety of information concerning you (such information, the “Personal Data”). The purposes for which we use this information are mentioned below. In the event that we treat your information for different purposes, we will inform you at the corresponding time.
Identification and age of majority.
This purpose refers to the confirmation of the identity of the Holder, as necessary to comply with the purposes set forth in this Notice, to have access control to our facilities, security of the same and of the visitors, as well as to verify, where appropriate, the age of the Holder prior to entering the official website of SMK Lounge and/or participating in the activities promoted or organized by the latter, either in person or online.
Offering of products and services.
This purpose refers to various activities carried out by SMK Lounge, in order to offer, market, personalize and improve our products and services, celebrate, maintain and execute a commercial and/or business relationship with the Holder, the creation, updating and managing the Holder’s account on our Internet pages and official applications, providing, directly or through third parties, home delivery services for products marketed by SMK Lounge, its affiliates and/or subsidiaries, and supervising said deliveries.
Maintain and optimize our website.
This purpose includes cases in which we must resolve performance problems on our official Internet pages, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, system maintenance, support, reporting and data storage, availability improvement of our Web pages and to protect our official Internet pages against any type of fraud or misuse.
Compliance with the Law.
This purpose refers to the Treatment of Personal Data of the Holders as necessary to carry out an activity aimed at complying with a legal obligation or requirement, or a recommendation from an authority to which SMK Lounge, its affiliates or subsidiaries are subject, including the disclosure of Personal Data to government or supervisory authorities, such as fiscal, administrative and/or judicial authorities.
Additionally, we will use your Personal Data for the following non-necessary purposes:


Customer service.
This purpose includes activities such as attending to and following up on the Holder’s doubts, complaints or comments in relation to our products and/or services, which is why telephone calls, emails or any type of communication between the Holder and SMK Lounge, to extend invitations to events or make suggestions of our various products and services that may interest you or from which you may benefit, as well as to evaluate the quality of our products and/or services and conduct satisfaction surveys.
Analysis and statistics.
This purpose refers to the preparation of records, reports and statistics related to the information obtained by any means, in order to improve our products and services, marketing, customer relations and experiences.
Marketing profiles.
This purpose refers to the activities we carry out to improve our marketing strategies, by creating an audience based on profile segments in order to send them offers and tailored content, particularly when we use Personal Data management platforms or receive Personal Data from social media platforms. Data used for these purposes may be encrypted and re-decrypted, directly by us or through third parties.
Advertising and marketing.
This purpose refers to activities such as sending advertising information about our products, developing and sending marketing or advertising campaigns to offer products and/or services of SMK Lounge, its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or business partners.
In the event that you do not want your Personal Data to be Processed for purposes that are not necessary, you can from this moment send an email to the address hola@smklounge.com stating your refusal for said purposes, the foregoing, on the understanding that the refusal to the use of your Personal Data for unnecessary purposes, will not be a reason for us to deny you any of our products or services.

SMK Lounge carries out the Processing of Personal Data of the Holders only in the time in which they are in force and/or the Treatment is necessary to comply with the purposes of SMK Lounge and/or a legal obligation.

Section 2. Types of Personal Data Subject to Processing.
To carry out the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, we will collect and process your Personal Data belonging to the following categories:
Identification data.
Contact information.
Additionally, we collect information about how you use our products, services and official internet pages, such as IP address, cookies, mobile device ID, access data (login), browsing history, browser type and version, clicks, configuration of time zone and location, pages visited (including date and time stamp), types and versions of plug-ins in your browser, operating systems, platforms and other technology information of the devices you use to access our web pages and applications .
The foregoing, including the information that you share with SMK Lounge through any of your social networks, in case you use them as a means of registration on our web pages.

Section 3. Means through which we obtain your personal data.
We obtain your Personal Data directly, when you provide it to us personally in person or through electronic means, such as email, our official Internet pages, applications and/or official social networks, or by telephone; or indirectly, when the Personal Data we receive from a third party or from any social media or media platform.
SMK Lounge may collect Personal Data at the beginning of the legal or commercial relationship with the Owner or during the validity and development of the same. Any Personal Data that SMK Lounge collects during the development of the legal or commercial relationship with the Holder, will be subject to Treatment in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Notice.

Section 4. Who has access to your Personal Data.
SMK Lounge staff will only have access to your Personal Data when it is necessary to carry out their work or to fulfill any of the purposes described in this Notice.
It is likely that we need to share your Personal Data with third parties in order to comply with any of the purposes indicated in this Notice. These third parties are:
Third party providers of products or services. These products or services may include marketing services, advertising, contests and information technology systems;
Professional consultants, such as accountants, auditors or lawyers;
In the event that we sell to a third party all or part of the assets or shares of a company belonging to SMK Lounge, to which your Personal Data had previously been shared, said Data could be shared with said third party;
Government authorities, in order to comply with any legal or judicial obligation.
The third parties mentioned above may be located in Mexico or in any other part of the world. When your Personal Data is protected outside of Mexico, we will ensure that it has an adequate level of protection. We require our service or product providers and professional consultants to establish and maintain appropriate security measures to maintain the security and confidentiality of your Personal Data, through strict standards and legal agreements.
We will establish and maintain administrative, technical and physical security measures in order to protect your Personal Data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment, taking into account the possible risks. These measures will at all times be aligned with legal and industry standards.

Section 5. Periods for which we keep your Personal Data.
We will keep your Personal Data for as long as it is legally permitted, as long as it is necessary to comply with any of the purposes established in this Notice or any legal requirement or obligation that is applicable to us, or as long as it is permitted in response to any statutory limitation period. We will take the necessary measures to destroy or dissociate the Personal Data that is in our possession when it is no longer necessary to fulfill the purposes set forth above or once the retention periods have expired.

Section 6. Treatment of Personal Data of minors.
Our official websites are not designed to be used by minors, so we do not collect Personal Data if we are aware that their owners are under 18 years of age.

Section 7. Access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, questions and complaints.
Keep your Personal Data updated and inform us of any significant change in your Data or your Related Third Parties by sending an email to the address indicated later in this section.
You have the right to request access to your Personal Data that is Processed by SMK Lounge from a third party on its behalf and to know the details of said Processing. Likewise, you have the right to rectify, cancel, eliminate or restrict (as appropriate) or oppose the Processing of your data, always in accordance with the content of the Law, other regulations and applicable laws, and the internal guidelines of SMK Lounge. You have the right to receive a summary of the Personal Data that you have provided to us, in an organized, commonly used format that is suitable for reading by common computer equipment. In some cases, we can agree to transfer your Personal Data to another Responsible Party, upon request that you make us in writing for such purposes, whenever technically possible. Likewise, SMK Lounge recognizes your right to limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data and to express your refusal to Process your Personal Data for those purposes that are not necessary.
Likewise, you have the right to ask us to stop Processing your Personal Data, which would not be applicable in cases where we have legitimate reasons or legal obligations to carry out the Processing, in which case, we will continue to Process your Personal Data. In the cases where you grant us your consent for the Treatment of your Personal Data, you have the right to revoke it without this affecting the legality of the Treatment that we have carried out until before that moment.
Take into account that revoking or limiting your consent to the Processing of your Personal Data may affect or limit your relationship with SMK Lounge.
To exercise any of the rights mentioned above, you must send your request directly to the email account hola@smklounge.com. Said request must contain: name and address or other means to communicate the response to your request; the documents that prove your identity or, where appropriate, legal representation; and the clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which the right in question is being exercised. SMK Lounge will notify you, through the means of contact you provide in your request, if it was appropriate, within a maximum period of 20 business days from the date on which the corresponding request was received.

Section 8. Use of “Cookie” technology on the Website
Heineken Mexico websites make use of files called “cookies”. “Cookies” are small text files that each website stores locally on your computer or electronic device.
“Cookies” and similar technologies are sometimes necessary to remember your account settings, language and country in which you are located, but they also allow us to measure and analyze your behavior on our Website, as well as to show you personalized advertising on our website. our official Internet pages or on third-party sites. We request your consent for the use of “cookies” when required by applicable regulations.
Once you have given us your consent to the use of “cookies” or when you enter an SMK Lounge website, we will store a “cookie” on your mobile device to remember this for the next time. If you wish to withdraw your consent to the use of our “cookies”, you can do so at any time you wish; You can eliminate our “cookies” by modifying the configuration of your Internet browser. You must do this by modifying the settings of each browser you use. Please note that some of our services will not work if your browser does not accept cookies. However, you can allow cookies from specific websites by marking them as “trusted websites” in your Internet browser.

The following links can help you manage your cookie settings, or you can use the ‘Help’ option in your Internet browser for more details:
For Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies
For Mozilla Firefox: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Cookies
For Google Chrome: http://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=95647
Safari: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042
Opera: http://www.opera.com/help/tutorials/security/privacy/
Adobe (flash cookies): https://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html
To specifically block Google Analytics “cookies”, you can install the “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on” provided by Google.
Please note that using the cookie settings on our website will not delete cookies that have already been set. If you wish to do so, you can do so by reconfiguring your web browser as described above, after you have changed our website’s Cookie Settings.

Section 9. Notice Modifications.
This Privacy Notice may be modified, changed or updated due to new legal requirements and our privacy practices, our own needs for the products or services we offer or for any other reason.
SMK Lounge undertakes to keep you informed about the changes that this Notice may undergo, which will be notified by publishing a visible note on this Internet page and/or on any other official page of SMK Lounge. Likewise, any interested party may request, by means of a email to the address indicated in the previous point, that the current Privacy Notice be sent. SMK Lounge will not be responsible if a Holder does not receive the notification of change in the Notice if there is any problem with his email account, data transmission over the internet or if the aforementioned website was not accessed for any reason. not attributable to SMK Lounge.

Section 10. Contact
If you wish to exercise any of your rights, have a complaint about the way in which your Personal Data is Treated or about our practices regarding privacy and protection of personal data, you can contact us by email at hola@smklounge.com. Likewise, we remind you of the right that assists you to go before the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) in case you consider that your right to the protection of Personal Data has been violated or if you presume any violation of the provisions of the Law. For more information, we suggest you visit its official website www.inai.org.mx.


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  • Tequila Maracame Añejo 700 ml.
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  • Mezcal Xicala 375 ml.
  • Whisky etiqueta negra 750 ml.


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